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SEO audit facilitates extensive appraisal of your website and assesses the site performance and its visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPS). If you are currently experiencing trouble in ranking on the major search engines, it means that your business is in menace.

Optimizing your website is the foundation of achieving impressive search rankings. Regular auditing is important to polish minor issues, plan, strategize and succeed.
Create a high volume organic traffic and be at par with your competitors.

SEO Services PH has reengineered seo strategies that offer analysis of your website and customize well-thought actions to increase the visibility of your site. We carefully do hand-made outputs with ample desire for your success.

Fueled with much passion at work, our team of experts do comprehensive audits, summarize findings and lay down customized solutions. We extremely believe in collaboration and teamwork.
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Here is a comprehensive approach to the auditing process like rank auditing, backlink profile or anything that may affect your search rankings. SEO audits can help you step up good site performance. It makes your site garner more visibility hence attracting potential customers to visit your site. That’s why hiring a good SEO Audit Service is a wise option to get comprehensive seo strategies.

1. Check that only one version of your site is browseable.
Take this example; remember that only ONE of these should be accessible in a browser.

2. Start a website crawl.
This is a process of conducting analysis of the content of your page and builds an index.
3. Check google for indexation issues.
Always remember that not being indexed in google means no chance in search rankings! To check whether your site is indexed, you may go to:
Google Search Console > Google Index > Index Status.
4. Check that you rank for your brand name.
Check your brand name in google. However, if your brand’s name is generic, chances are that you will encounter technical issues. To solve this, you are advised to do brand building and link building. The Google Search Console also helps you in penalty recovery.
5. Manually perform some basic on-page SEO checks
This means that you have to find the page that has the most organic search traffic. To do a site audit, you may use Ahrefs’ Site Audit to run the crawl by going to Site Audit > Project > Internal pages > Sort by organic traffic.

6. Dig deeper into more on-page issues in the crawl report
after you crawl results from Ahrefs’ Site Audit, dig deeper and try to resolve other on-page technical issues by going to:
Site Audit > Project > Internal Pages > HTML Tags.
It is also recommended to check the content quality, social tags and external link.
7. Check the duplicate and thin content.
One of the best content strategies is to ensure content quality or there must be no duplicate content. The copyscape will help you facilitate during website audit because it easily identifies duplicated content.

8. Check that your site (and individual pages) load fast.
Improve your website’s performance in search by checking on the site’s loading times. SEO case study shows that there is a correlation between the page load time and the search positions. Also, based on observations, having fast loading times surely give better user experience.
9. Check for structured data errors.
Another important step in the auditing process is to check for structured data and ensure that they are properly formed. You may check on the Google Structured Data Guide.
10. Analyze organic search traffic.
Conduct seo audit process to increase the website’s organic traffic. This is one way of checking how your site performs. Google Analytics can facilitate checking on organic search traffic.

11. Check that rankings are heading in the right direction.
Ahrefs’ Site Explorer helps you get ideas on how your search ranking is progressing. Results must show an increasing trend across the board.
12. Find pages ranking in 5-10 for high volume keywords.
Being ranked 5 on search positions for high volume keywords means you are already in a better position. A little push with good seo management escalates your rank on top.
13. Analize your backlink profile.
Use Ahrefs to conduct a link profile. If the graph is increasing, this means that your site is performing well. If the trend is declining, try to look into why you’re losing backlinks. And if it is flattening, it’s wise to put efforts in link building.
14. Find and fix broken links to (and from) your site.
If you find broken links or pages on your site, you have to urgently fix them. To help you find broken pages, go to:
Site Explorer > Pages > Best by links > add a “404” filter.

15. Find content gaps.
This is a smart content strategy wherein you are going to identify what keywords you don’t have but your competitors possess and currently ranking for, and this is called a content gap. You start on this by identifying who are your closest competitors. An exhaustive and well-thought keyword research for content creation really matters a lot in seo strategy.

16. Conduct a full content audit.
The last step in the auditing process is to delete loads of pages from your site and increase search traffic. Here’s how to do this:
a. Find pages that are of low quality and no organic search traffic.
b. For the sake of improving, update the pages and relaunch them
c. Delete the pages and redirect (301)into a relevant page.

SEO audit process is now complete! A comprehensive seo strategy is vital to have an effective seo campaign.

SEO audit means an extensive appraisal of a website seo that assesses how the site performs and its visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPS). A technical seo audit needs a competitive seo manager who is well-versed in resolving some technical issues. It uses some seo audit tools that help in seo analysis and some seo audit processes solely for the purpose of improving your website.

Website seo audit is one of your winning strategies to top search results. There are available seo companies that offer seo audit services. But if you want to do it on your own and get a hands-on experience, try to follow the following valuable steps:

1. Identify internal and external link building opportunities.
Internal linking is important in creating authoritative hierarchies in your site. Try to search for older but related content and build some equity. Then, look for anchor texts that help you create a link between an old and a new content. Do not forget to always consider user experience and IA for internal links.
Increase domain authority by creating diverse links. You need to search for some resources that give you an opportunity to have a link on your site.
2. Identify Potential Information Architecture Improvements.
IA shows how information is structured. This means to partner the web design creators to improve page authority without compromising user experience.
3. Identify Thin Content.
Good content marketing consists of valuable inputs. Having a 300-word blog for a complex concept surely fails the users’ needs and does not get any respect from SERPS.
4. Identify a duplicate content.
Having duplicated content is a big no-no in your website. The copyscape can help you identify a duplicate content.
5. Scan for keyword optimization.
There are available free keyword tools that help you a lot in keyword research.
6. Optimize meta tags.
They are meta titles and meta descriptions that help identify the content it’s crawling. Seo experts use these in determining the order in which to rank pages.
7. Identify Page Update Opportunities
Part of the technical seo is to have regular website updates. It helps the page refresh and become relevant for the search engine.
8. Run page speed analytics.
The faster your site is, the more that google will give you impressive organic rankings.
9. Scan for site errors.
Broken links can badly affect your internal linking structure. Use some site audit tools to help you fix these broken links or pages.
10. Http or Https: make the switch.
Today’s digital marketing has put https faster, more secure and google’s ranking signals. Therefore, https migration is your best choice today.

Whether you go for local seo or international seo, it is but right to always check how much you fare in internet marketing. Here are few steps on how you will check your seo performance:

a. SEO analysis. Do the profile analysis of your website to capture traffic growth. It helps you identify errors that need to be fixed.
b. SEO checker. Part of the Seo audit process is to fix all the identified errors on page. It also gives you some ideas on how to fix the implementation.
c. Site speed. Google analytics help you rank well in search engines. Site speed does not only affect the conversion rate but it also affects how you will rank in SERPS.

SEO audit services look into the technical issue of your website for you to realize search engine optimization. It has to be regularly done to succeed at longer website performance. Social media management is one complex job but with the aid of seo audit, errors that hinder performance will be dodged.

Below are some of the effective, powerful and absolutely free SEO tools that you can use:

1. Google analytics. For ecommerce seo or online marketer, google analytics is the air that your breath. It is the sole data source that provides high quality and detailed information.
2. Google Search Console. Is formerly known as webmaster tools. This is purely seo tools that focus on search and optimization.
3. Ubersuggest. It is an all-time seo tool to smartly know what the things your competitors are doing are and this way, you can plan and strategize and get a win in the market.
4. MozBar. It helps you a lot in knowing the right stuff very fast.
5. SEOWorkers analysis tool. It helps you generate reports from any website you want.
6. WooRank. It gives you a very fast opportunity to get analysis of your website or even other websites and generate results.
7. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer. Its best feature is the competitive analysis it offers. It gives you an opportunity to gather information about what your competitors are doing.

Good seo teams must be able to develop skills in getting seo scores. Know that the higher the score of your website, the more authoritative your site will be. Here are some processes of getting an SEO score.

1: Identifying the domain authority
2: Determining the load time of your website
3: Checking whether there is a site map
4: Checking the robots.txt
5: Checking for all the meta content
6: Checking the H tags
7: Checking the onsite content
8: Testing the keywords

Excellent seo management plays an integral role in staying on top of SERPS. Considering the digital landscape today and the rise of social media, a number of marketing agencies are offering services that capture enterprise seo. Thus, competitions in digital marketing become stiff, everyone is trying to push conversion rate optimization as it has a direct impact on search ranking. To make your business survive in the online arena, hiring a seo audit service is your wisest option today because they will definitely give you marketing guides, share some insights in social media management and most of all they will help you in search engine optimization.